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Letters: If Joe Biden steps down, so should Donald Trump

from Chicago Tribune Editorial Page  July 3rd, 2024 I, like millions of other Americans and people from around the world, watched the cringe-worthy presidential debate. Neither candidate inspires confidence in the United States as a world leader. What I find most interesting is Sunday’s editorial (“As America sank into the couch, Biden and Trump combined …

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2024 Election Analysis from the NY Times

2024 Election: Live Updates (click on link)



In interview, Biden says 2024 elections could be ‘last gasp’ of MAGA Republicans

In Spectrum News  BY JUSTIN TASOLIDES WASHINGTON, D.C. PUBLISHED 12:22 PM ET OCT. 02, 2023 In an interview that aired Sunday, President Joe Biden warned that the MAGA faction of the Republican Party — short for “Make America Great Again,” the now-infamous slogan of former President Donald Trump — poses a threat to democracy, and the 2024 …

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Attorney General Garland please do your job!


Updates on Russian Genocide Against Ukraine

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Larry Elder’s California recall rise has even Republicans uneasy Chuck Norris endorses him, Caitlyn Jenner says drop out

Larry Elder’s California recall rise has even Republicans uneasy

Many QAnon followers report having mental health diagnoses- from “The Conversation”- Mar. 25, 2021

QAnon is often viewed as a group associated with conspiracy, terrorism and radical action, such as the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. But radical extremism and terror may not be the real concern from this group. QAnon followers, who may number in the millions, appear to believe a baseless and debunked conspiracy theory claiming that a satanic cabal of pedophiles and cannibals controls world governments …

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Live Updates from the NY Times on the Pandemic

Live Updates here!

The 2019 Organizing Convention was an important, informative, and engaging event. Below are the downloadable files from our Organizing Convention.

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