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California Democratic Links

California Democratic Party California Democratic Council 2018 Draft CADEM Party Platform  

Democratic and Progressive Links

These progressive website links make it easier for you to TAKE ACTION on issues that matter to you. Click on the blue names to access the website.   Aggressive Progressives ( This site is one of the oldest progressive democratic sites in operation. Indivisible Our mission is to fuel a progressive grassroots network of local groups …

Follow The Money

Here’s a great link to a new search tool on the California Secretary of State website called Power Search which lets you “Follow The Money” easier.

Government Links

White House United States Senate United States House of Representatives State Capitols California State Senate (Upper House) California State Assembly (Lower House) San Bernardino County Page A Guide to the US Government Branches (Courtesy of Social Studies researcher Audrey & her tutor Ms. Glenning. from Maryville University explaining how our three branches of Government work. …

Great Maps

One Dot Per Person (US)This map is an American snapshot; it provides an accessible visualization of geographic distribution, population density, and racial diversity of the American people in every neighborhood in the entire country. The map displays 308,745,538 dots, one for each person residing in the United States at the location they were counted during …


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